How Walt Disney Became an Iconic Businessman with Dr. Jeffrey Barnes
Bippity Boppity Business PodcastOctober 05, 2022
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How Walt Disney Became an Iconic Businessman with Dr. Jeffrey Barnes

Walt Disney’s life story is one of leadership, perseverance, courage, and above all, vision. Having a vision and believing in your wild ideas is vital to building a successful, passion-driven business, especially one that serves our future.

A wise man once said, if you’re facing a fork in the road, trying to figure out which way to go, pick the passionate option and put it all on the line. That wise man is actually our guest today, Dr. Jeffrey Barnes!

Listen in as Rita welcomes Dr. Jeffrey Barnes, best-selling author and world-renowned Disney keynote speaker, to have a magical discussion about the most powerful lessons learned from Walt Disney’s life and career.

In this episode, Rita and Jeffrey discuss:

  • How Walt Disney became an iconic businessman.
  • Why you need to take risks in business and go ALL IN.
  • Innovative technology and business strategies Walt Disney used to market and grow his theme parks.
  • How to truly believe in your wild ideas and see them come to fruition.
  • Why Walt’s older brother, Roy Disney, is a forgotten hero.
  • The powerful role of storytelling in business.
  • The unspoken key to great storytelling.

Be sure to stick around for the Disney Rapid Fire Questions segment! You won’t want to miss Jeffrey’s answers!

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