Creating Magical Moments in Your B2B SaaS Customer Experience with Doug Rabold
Bippity Boppity Business PodcastApril 26, 2023
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Creating Magical Moments in Your B2B SaaS Customer Experience with Doug Rabold

IT is the last place a business prioritizes great customer experiences. But why aren’t we providing the same level of support and satisfaction in IT that we do in sales? 

With all the recent tech layoffs and rapid changes in customer expectations, what your business needs to focus on is a balance of: Where are we going? How are we going to get there? And how will we deliver a customer experience that retains more customers and boosts long-term ROI?

In this episode, we'll be teaching you how to apply Disney's magical approach to customer service to create a unique experience for your B2B SaaS clients. Our guest speaker is Doug Rabold, a Top 25 Thought Leader and CX Influencer and Strategist who has extensive knowledge of customer experience, service delivery, and experience management.

Tune in as Doug shares his magical insights on how B2B SaaS companies can improve their customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty by applying Disney's customer service and experience strategies.

In this episode, Doug joins Rita to talk about:

  • The key difference between customer service and customer experience.
  • CX principles that will improve your customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.
  • How customer expectations have changed since 2020 & How that influences your CX success.
  • KPIs for measuring the success of your customer experience.
  • Why you should never blame CX issues on the system or your policy (and what to do instead).

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