How to Grow Your Business With Immersive Writing and Storytelling [w/ Geoffrey Golden]
Bippity Boppity Business PodcastJuly 06, 2022
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How to Grow Your Business With Immersive Writing and Storytelling [w/ Geoffrey Golden]

Disney is known for its fantastical immersion factor, meaning their storytelling never fails to suck you into its wonder… much like Alice falling into Wonderland!

Though, many businesses struggle to convey the heart of their brand’s story through storytelling and immersive writing. Why is that? How can businesses organically create that Disney-level immersion factor? 

This week’s guest is going to illustrate how you can integrate storytelling and creative immersion through your marketing strategy, content creation, and creative process. Doing this will not only connect you with your target audience, but turn passive followers into super fans and then into super consumers.

Listen in as Rita welcomes Geoffrey Golden, an LA-based narrative designer and game creator, to have a magical discussion about immersive writing and storytelling for businesses.

In this episode, Geoffrey and Rita discuss:

  • How Geoffrey’s love for The Muppets has influenced his career as a creator and designer.
  • Tips and advice for business owners on telling their brand story authentically and creatively.
  • How his email newsletter, Adventure Snack, became so successful.
  • Walt Disney’s eccentric approaches to storytelling.
  • How to start your business like a movie.
  • Geoffrey’s creative process & “The Carpenter Mindset”
  • Advice for aspiring creators, game designers, etc.

Be sure to stick around for the Disney Rapid Fire Questions segment! You won’t want to miss Geoffrey’s answers!

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